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The educational stuff

This webquest is aimed to give students an introduction and insight into the world of robotics and their uses. It is also designed to get students thinking about the future and how technology has progressed to its current state. This will encourage students to be inquisitive and think about the world around them.


Intended Target

This webquest is intended for students in Year 7, however there is enough depth and opportunity for higher-level thinking that it could be used in Year 8 also.


Curriculum Standards

- Technologies Essential Learnings by the end of Year 7 - Technologies as a Human Endeavour

- Science Essential Learnings by the end of Year 7 - Enerfy and Change

- Sose Essential Learnings by the end of Year 7 - Political and Economic Systems


Within these documents, links can be made to the webquest and the activities and ways of working that students undertake. There is also opporunity in each curriculum area to branch out in extension activities to look at what is covered in greater detail.



This webquest should take approximately 4-8 lessons to complete. Time can vary depending on interruptions and how efficient students are at group work.


Implementation Advice

When giving students the webquest, guide them through the task and process. This will make work time more productive as students wont be wondering what they are meant to be doing at that point in time. It might also be useful to give students and introduction to robotics before this webquest or talk about movies such as Terminator (if age appropriate), AI - Artificial Intelligence or iRobot. The Robots movie by 20th Century Fox is also another option and appropriate for all ages.


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