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Your Mission...


The Task

Your mission, being a student in the 21st century, is to determine "how likely it is that robots will one day replace the human race". You will take those first steps to prevent the future that could be, and present your findings to world at the next United Nations summit...



With the aid of a select few classmates, you will form a group of 3 and tackle this mission from different angles to achieve the best outcome. Each student will be given a specific role in order to best determine how to prevent this future.


Role 1 - Know your enemy: One student will take on the role of determining "what is a robot?"


Role 2 - Know its weakness: One student will determine "how robots work?"


Role 3 - Know its purpose: One student will take on determining "what are robots used for?" in todays society.




Once enough intel has been gathered on robots, you will be required to research the ethics and laws that govern robots and their creation. This will provide you some insight into ways that robots could take over the world and how it is possible.



After you have researched and consolidated all of your intelligence, as a group you are to decide "How likely it is that robots will one day replace the human race". Once your decision is reached, you must prepare a presentation for the UN summit on what your verdict is and the research you have done to back this up.