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What to do

Step 1: Form a group of 3


Step 2: Give each member a specific role in the group


Step 3: Research what is required for your particular role


Role 1 - "What is a robot?" - Find out what it means to be a robot, how to clasify something as one and various examples.


Role 2 - "How do robots work?" - This can include power sources, what is required to make them move, 'think', react etc.


Role 3 - "What are robots used for?" - Look at todays society and determine how robots are currently being used. What purposes do they serve and in what areas?


Step 4: Research the ethics involved in robot creation and what they can be used for as well as the laws that were specially created to govern robots.


Step 5: Now that you have gathered all of your information, come to a group decision to answer the question: "How likely is it that one day robots will replace the human race?"


Step 6: Create a powerpoint presentation that goes for 2-4mins that you will use to present the information you have gathered and justify your response to the question.


Note: Make sure to include what you would do if you had all of the resources of the UN at your disposal and defend this position. What changes to the current laws and ethics would you make to help prevent this possible future from occuring.


Step 7: Practice your presentation and be ready to present at the UN Summit