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The following is a checklist for students to tick off before they do their presentation. This does not mean that these are the only elements that are required, this is just to be used as a guide. It is also to ensure that all areas have been covered and the criteria is being met...


Clearly defined what it means to be a robot
Researched how robots move, operate and function
Found out different uses of robots in todays society
Key characteristics that define robots
Are robots capable of higher-level cognitive functions
What are the latest technological developments in the field of robotics
Limitations that humans have which are not present in robots and vice versa




Teachers: Please explain to students that they will be assessed individually on their group presentation. Evidence of research may be required as proof of work and authenticity. Some marks may be given as a group, and these will contribute equally to the individual mark.




Attached is a copy of the Assessment Criteria for both students and teachers to look at.